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Handbook of genuine buying glasses

Pirated goods, including sunglasses cheaper and types copied "advanced" For the kind of cheap imitation, the distinction is easy in code tree diameter, style, sophistication. But for the kind of imitation "advanced" very difficult to solve the problem because if you only looked at external design and number of glass plants, consumers can not distinguish if not expertise or unused a time. To protect and build brand, genuine glass eyes are always rigorous testing to ensure safety vision. Unlike the copy or imitation products are manufactured from sneaky little basis for top goal is profit, so the quality is not guaranteed even though the external forms of design are great. To help consumers can buy yourself a pair of glasses from genuine international brand, the company exclusive international brands of glass was applied and Barcode System by hologram Ministry of Police with the following characteristics:

First: In each of the glasses are genuine paste a stamp on the Barcode as glass, glass on the Barcode number must match the code as glass. Barcode is the name above the selling agent of genuine products.



Second:  Stamps against counterfeiting by the Ministry of Police was put on the right of the barcode and stamps are printed above the brand of glasses. The back of the stamps and the retail price Barcode and regulations listed on the country.


Third: Each genuine the glasses are sent with a genuine security card. Front of the card is the logo and the name of the company′s exclusive distributor of international brands of lenses. Barcode is the back of the card with the code numbers coincide with the glasses on more of the glasses.

  Understand how to differentiate the brand, the distributor of the signal on the stamp and barcode will enable consumers can safely choose a quality glass eyes, fashion, genuine, worthy pocket money.



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